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brush fences specialists mornington peninsula fences and Melbourne fences

Brush fencing (also known as tea tree fencing) is one of the most popular fence styles on the Mornington Peninsula. And for good reason! It has a beautiful, natural aesthetic and blends in perfectly with the area's environment. 

It's the ideal fence style to 'frame' your home or holiday house, giving you privacy, wind protection, security and style. 

In the past hand thatching was a popular method however nowadays there is a more consistent finish using brush panels, and if using quality panels they will last a long time. Mornington Peninsula Fences brush fence panels are 100% plantation-grown brushwood fence panels and suitable for residential applications through to large-scale commercial developments. They are a sustainable and beautiful product that will stand the test of time. We also recommend roll tops and install pre-fab roll tops as well as being experts in hand thatched brush roll tops - a highly specialised brush fence finish.

Mornington Peninsula Fences are the most trusted and experienced brush fence installers on the Peninsula and in Greater Melbourne. We have worked on the most exclusive properties all over the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne and are trusted by our customers as well as builders. 

You can view some of our brush fences work below or get in touch if you'd like to know more or get a quote. 

brush fencing styles 

Not all brush fencing is created equal. Mornington Peninsula Brush fencing has its own unique style and it varies for all of Melbourne brush fences. Here are a few styles and things to consider:

Hand thatched vs pre made brush panels

We are often asked about Panel Brush Wood Fences that are pre-made vs traditional hand thatched brush fences. There are benefits to both. 


Brush Wood Panel Fence


Benefits of Hand Thatched Brush Fences

  • Hand thatching provides more flexibility in terrains that are uneven or sloping and where fencing around obstacles.

  • Hand thatching brushwood fencing allows more flexibility in the design and height 

  • This is ideal around pool areas to achieve a pool compliant fence where you may need additional fence height.

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