Brush Fence Mornington Peninsula
Brush Fences
We specialise in beautiful brush fences and are the most experienced on the Peninsula in delivering this sought after look that is unique to the area. Mornington Peninsula brush fencing can vary dramatically if the wrong materials and workmanship are used so make sure you speak to Mornington Peninsula Fences as the brush fencing experts. 
Paling Fences 
Not all paling fences are created equal and we are fastidious is making sure your's looks great and is built to last. We often find cheaper quotes are based on different materials and quality control is not in place so make sure you're comparing apples with apples. Our fences are built once, and built right.
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Mornington Peninsula Fences Feature Fencing
Feature Fences
We can design a stand-out feature fence and build it to our exacting standards. We have loads of experience in creating amazing fences that will elevate your property to the next level. For a  Mornington Peninsula property that stands out for all the right reasons make sure you speak to us.
Retaining Walls
Retaining walls prevent soil erosion, as well as flooding, sinkholes, drainage, and other common hazards. They’re also a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal. We build Mornington Peninsula retaining walls to exacting standards and have plenty of experience in dealing with the sandy soil typical to the area.
Mornington Peninsula retaining walls
Mornington Peninsula Gates Automated Gates
We offer the best value, most sophisticated automated gates on the Mornington Peninsula. Thanks to our direct relationships with manufacturers we're able to source the best motors available and of course we build the best quality gates.
Pool Fencing
When it comes to Pool Fencing you can't afford to get it wrong. It's your family's safety at stake. We make sure Pool Fences are built to the correct standards to ensure you are pools safety complaint and we also ensure that your fence looks great. 
Mornington Peninsula Fences Brush fenceI