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Not all Brush Fences are Created Equal

Brush Fences are one of our favourite to build. They are a beautiful, natural product, blend in seamlessly with the gorgeous environment on the Mornington Peninsula and in Melbournes suburbs as well, and the brush panels we source are entirely sustainably farmed. They also last a surprisingly long time. Of course the above is only true if you are getting good quality materials and a highly experiences installer.

Unfortunately the popularity of brush fences means that everyone tries to do them, but they take a very skilled fence builder to get them right and of course the materials need to be high quality.

Make sure you ask to see a previous job or at least some photos of a similar job when comparing quotes, ideally looking at fences that have been built some time ago so you can see how they have worn.

The quality of workmanship can be worlds apart. Top pic is a hand thatched roll top from a different company. The bottom is Mornington Peninsula Fences. You be the judge!

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