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Why Autumn and Winter is the best time to build your new fence

"I need this fence done by Christmas"

A Fence on the Mornington Peninsula ready in time for Christmas in July

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that I'd be a very wealthy man! It's probably the most frustrating time for everyone. Christmas always seems to sneak up on us (even though it happens every year) and all of a sudden we realise, "Oh, I've only got a few weeks to get the fence sorted".

This is even more so with fences on the Mornington Peninsula. And while a few weeks may sound like a reasonable lead time, at this time of year good fencing companies on the Mornington Peninsula and Fence companies in Melbourne too, can be booked out months ahead. Not only that, timber yards prepare to shut down, gate makers are busier than ever and everything goes into a whole lot of bottlenecks that can mean that fence you wanted for Christmas will either not be built in time, or will be built by a shoddy operator so you need to get it fixed by the New Year (January is also a busy time for fences for us as we find ourselves fixing the mistakes of others - usually for people who didn't want to wait).

That's why when anyone ever asks 'when should I get a fence built' my answer is Autumn/ Winter! Not only will you find that you will be able to get the contractor of your choice to do the job for you, you won't be stuck with the last minute panic of getting a fence done before Christmas. Call it Christmas fencing in July if you will :)

For a no obligation quote any time of the year - yes, even just before Christmas, you can call me direct on 0403 833 623.

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