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Top Five Tips for Brush Fencing

When it comes to creating a beautifully natural look and feel it’s hard to beat a well constructed brush fence. A properly built brush fence will blend in perfectly with the Mornington Peninsula landscape and last for many years. It’s one of our most requested fences and we take great pride in building the best brush fences on the Mornington Peninsula. However not all brush fences are built equal so here are our top five tips for getting the best brush fence for your buck.

Brush Fencing Mornington Peninsula Fences
Brush Fence built by Mornington Peninsula Fences

1. You want to get it built by someone qualified.

Why? Because brush fences required specialist skills to be built properly. For a brush fence to last the distance it really does need to be built using qualified workmanship. When getting quotes ask to see previous work. Even better if it’s work from years back so you can see how long their work lasts. Poorly built brush fences will potentially look great when first built but deteriorate quickly due to lack of skill or cutting corners. You know when you see those fences that look frayed and messy? This is usually a result of this. We are always happy to provide you with details of previous work. If someone is reluctant this should be a cause for query.

2. Make sure it’s built with quality materials.

How can you tell? Ask your contractor to specify the materials used and if you have multiple quotes then ask your contractors to talk you through their brush fence materials versus others quoted and what the differences are. A much cheaper quote is often due to inferior materials so make sure you know what you’re getting. At Mornington Peninsula Fences we only use quality Solomit brush fence panels that last the distance and look great for years.

3. The right roll top can make a world of difference.

Roll top capping is a very popular option but not all roll tops are created equal. If you choose roll top capping for your brush fence a hand thatched roll top is unbeatable in terms of looks a longevity compared with any other form of roll tops.

4. Your garden will thank you

One advantage of brushwood fences is that they are less likely to cause heat damage to your plants. Steel, wood, concrete or brick fences can all attract and hold heat and this can cause damaged even to established plants in the harsh Australian climate (yes, even in Southern Victoria). A brush panel fence can even have plants grow right up against the fence without causing heat damage.

5. Patience is a virtue

Good brush fencing contractors are usually in high demand so be prepared to wait a few weeks (possibly even months in the lead up to Christmas) due to backlog. We know this can be frustrating however we promise it is worth the wait given you’ll be living with your fence for years to come. Top tip – get your fence built in Autumn/ Winter when there is usually less demand and shorter lead times.

These are not the only considerations for a brush fence so you should never be afraid to ask your contractor any questions you may have. A good fencing business is always willing to answer.


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