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Victoria Stage 4 restrictions - COVID-19 and fencing your property

Are you still operating under stage 4 restrictions in Victoria?

Yes, we are however we do evaluate each job on a case by case basis to ensure we can complete it under the new rules of stage 4 restrictions in Victoria. Our team receives ongoing training and education about how to stay safe and compliant under the ever changing conditions that we are currently all operating under. We are closely monitoring changes and will continue to do so.

Is it safe to have my fence built with the Coronavirus outbreak?

Yes, provided stage 4 rules and common sense are used. Understandably people are concerned about the threat of Coronavirus. Our business is already geared to be able to work remotely and contactless. At no point in time do you ever need to be face to face with anyone in our business for us to successful and expertly build your fence. We are also complying with all restrictions including wearing PPE, restricted number of workers, limiting sites, cleaning of tools and social distancing.

How do you work as a contactless business?

We use technology to quote remotely and even a site visit can be done without face to face if you’d prefer. When building the fence we don’t need to come into contact with you either and being outdoors adds another layer of social distance. Any discussions you would like can be done over the phone.

Who is the team?

We are a small team based on the Mornington Peninsula.  We don’t use unscreened contractors and every person I employ has been working in the fencing business for years.

As the owner of the business I am always available to talk to clients directly.


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