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Where's all the brush fencing gone?

If you live or have a holiday place anywhere on the Mornington Peninsula, from Flinders to Somers, to Sorrento, Rye, Blairgowrie, Portsea and everywhere in between you will no doubt have noticed how popular beautiful tea tree brush fences are. They're one of the areas iconic building elements and look beautiful for a long time if they're done right. We love working with Brush and if you have noticed any in the area chances are you've seen some that were built by us.

What you also may have noticed if you're looking to install or replace one recently is the scarcity of brush fencing. Yes, it's real. Brush is incredibly diffic

ult to get at the moment, not just here but throughout the Eastern Seaboard. Of course this has meant that there is some substandard materials floating around and it can mean you are still paying a premium for an in-demand product but getting a sub-standard result. What do we mean by that? Substandard brush fences quickly start to look messy and unkempt and end up looking more like a haystack then a gorgeous brush fence. So what are you to do? We would urge patience and using a contractor you trust and can view the product and workmanship of their previous fences.

As one of the biggest fence business in the area we have access to brush usually sooner than most but we don't work with substandard materials so sometimes that means we have to have our clients wait a bit longer than any of us would like (but we'd prefer that to giving you a disappointing result). We are also working with suppliers in other states to get high-quality brush direct to Mornington Peninsula Fences. The shortage won't last but while it is be sure you are getting what you pay for, If you're worried about securing your property temporary fences can do the trick. And while not gorgeous like brush it'll do the trick until the good stuff is back in stock!


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